Pink Poison

I recently had the pleasure of working with the insanely talented Tristan Risk. As you may already know, she is one of my favorite debaucherous darlings and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to outfit her in something special. I have been wanting to pattern a burlesque bustle skirt for some time, so creating a custom creation for Little Miss Risk made perfect sense.

DSC_6488 copyweb

I also threw  in an exclusive Swarovski bat necklace and the Vegas inspired “Showgirl Flower” hair clip. Tristan added a couple of her own pieces to the ensemble and the result is nothing short of exquisite. I am eternally grateful to Shimona Henry of Pin-Up Perfection Photography for documenting this delightful collaboration. Swing by her site to witness some truly awe inspiring imagery.

DSC_6526 copyweb


Mele Kalikimaka – it’s Christmas in June!

“Girl Friday” is back in a fantastic new colorway!  We paired the adorable “Mini Hearses” print with some sweet polka-dots for a new twist on a classic look.  I’ve been a fan of vintage suits for many years, and this top and skirt look amazing together. I also like mixing these lively separates with my favorite basic pieces for a splash of color that will light up any room.

Our “Smitten Kitten” necklace is such a cute and versatile piece!  I was heartbroken when we sold out of the “Meet Me in Paris” necklace, so it’s quite a treat to have another retro kitty necklace available.  The chain features beautiful, multi-faceted hot pink beads which compliment the cameo with flirty, feline finesse.

 We had a great time shooting this set with Tina Tokyo , Pretty Little Things by Candice Marie, and the folks from Radiant Inc.  Burlesque sensation Cha Cha Velour let us play in her awesome house which has one of the coolest retro tiki bars I’ve ever seen.  Stay tuned for more gorgeous images of fun, new items!  We’ll be adding some adorable summer dresses to the site in a couple of weeks…can’t wait!!!

“Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?”

Warm weather is yet again making an appearance and I’m already thinking about where I should travel for my next vacation!  Since I have WAY too much going on right now to justify an extended trip, I spend a lot of time thinking about exotic destinations.  In keeping with our theme of French inspired fashion, our newest ensemble is brought to you by the captivating city of Bordeaux, France.


Famous for its incredible wine, architecture, and appreciation for the arts, Bordeaux is truly unique.  A marvelous city rich in history and culture, it’s no wonder that people flock here for the amazing sight seeing and second to none shopping.  Bordeaux is home to some of the world’s most incredible museums and can also brag about having one of Europe’s most desirable climates.

Our new “Bordeaux” dress and matching pillbox hat are the perfect pieces to celebrate spring.  I love mixing prints and the damask/houndstooth combination was too good to pass up!  This dress has amazing lines that accentuate every body type, topped of with flirty eyelet lace and ribbon detail.  I absolutely LOVE the pink Russian netting on the hat as it creates beautiful texture when paired with sleek feathers.


Face On By Tamara – Photographer extraordinaire!

I’ve known Tamara, the lovely lady behind Face On By Tamara, for several years.  She is an incredible photographer, and as I recall, our friendship began when we collaborated on some images for the Poison Candy® line. I’ve worked with many photographers, but Tamara captivated me with her ambitious nature and take no prisoners attitude when it came to getting the perfect shot.  Many times I have asked for a simple catalog style shot and gotten not only the ideal image, but a host of unexpected photos in various locations.  She is brilliant at converting any space into a studio, once turning her garage into the perfect bordello for a Moulin Rouge inspired collection.  When Tamara organizes a photo shoot it becomes more of an adventure for model and photographer alike, the gorgeous imagery being a pleasant side effect of playtime.

Tamara impresses me not only with the quality of her work, but also with her kindness and incredible multi-tasking skills.  I am so grateful that she was able to find the time in her busy schedule to answer a few questions for me as I have wanted to interview her for this blog for quite a while!
When did you develop a love for photography?   

I have always loved photography ever since I can remember. I remember asking my parents for a camera at six years old. I have lots of talented artists in my family, I use to pose for my uncle who is a artist. He would take photos of my cousin and me in victorian dresses and paint portraits referencing the photos. I loved seeing the outcome.  I also use to model when I was younger and always loved collaborating with photographers to make art.

How old were you when you got your first camera?  What/who were your first subjects? 

I received my first professional camera when I was 26 years old. My husband bought me my first professional camera after my first son was born. My son Noah was my first subject . 🙂 As a teenager I would do photo shoots with friends all the time using film cameras.

What valuable lessons have you learned over the years?

I have learned so many valuable lessons over the years in this business, and I learn more everyday. Most importantly, never give up, it doesn’t matter what equipment you use or how much money you have…its what you do with your abilities that matters. Your dreams can come true if you work hard enough!

You have so many diverse styles of photography in your portfolio.  What types of photos are your favorite to shoot and why?

I have always liked many styles of photography and never wanted to limit myself to just one style. My favorite photo style to capture are my makeover photo shoots. I started with make over photo shoots and thats my passion. Its very rewarding to make over normal women into rockstars!

 You are a super busy lady!  What is an average day like for you? 

Ha! My average day starts with my boys jumping all over me in bed, being a taxi driver, making sure the family is doing what the should be, emailing, consulting with clients, booking clients, retouching photos, being a mama, cleaning the house, more retouching,  taxi driver, getting prepared for upcoming shoots, playing with my kids, and more retouching photos! 😉

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

My advice for aspiring photographers is to ask lots and lots of questions, even if you feel like they are dumb. I keep my camera and sketch pad with me everywhere I go! I scribble drawings of ideas for photo shoots, make up looks and business ideas! If photography is your passion….and you really, really want it, you go get it! You don’t dream it…. you do it! I literally woke up one morning told my husband, ” I’m gonna do make up & photography!” ,that very day I started advertising and I never looked back. You must be ready to give up your life for some time….you will loose friends, but will also gain many! You will have haters, people will tell you your not good enough, or think your stupid because you don’t know every technical answer to a camera question, believe me….I get judged a ton, let God be the judge and let him be your defense! Let your work speak for itself 🙂  Don’t listen to negative people, stay positive! You CAN do anything you put your heart too! You have to be ready to give everything you have in you in order for your photography business to succeed. You will fail over and over, and learn from each mistake.

I love to inspire other people to do what they dream, live your passion….its not impossible! “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.”  I am self taught. I practiced, read, watched, questioned, slept-dreamed- loved photography and makeup with all of my being! Never give up!  I have had my share of ups and downs, you have to get back up and keep on going….It’s a ton of blood , sweat and tears…but it is all worth it when you can take a step back and say-  “Wow, I did it!….I’m living my dream, I’m supporting my family, and my job is my passion!  I can be a stay at home mommy ,that is a true blessing. When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.

What do you think sets your work apart from other photographers?

My work sets me apart from other photographers because I am self taught, I see things outside of the box. I have developed my own creative vision and style of photography and make up. I always try to be different.

You are also very skilled at makeup and hair artistry.  Did you know your way around a makeup kit when you first started out?   

Thank you, I love make up! I knew my way around a make up kit at age six! 🙂 My mother and grandmother had fancy make up tables and I would gaze at them when they were putting their “face on” . I wanted to be just like them. I started doing makeup before photography. Once I decided to combine my two passions of make up and photography I knew I had found my dream career!


Be sure to check out Tamara’s blog on her official website!  Stop by her Facebook page to check out her amazing portfolio and say hello 🙂

Welcome to Storyville!

Introducing “Storyville”, the first one of a kind piece to ever appear on our official website!  Inspired by the years I spent living in New Orleans, this curve hugging black and white ensemble is a guaranteed show stopper.

When one is strolling down the weathered streets of the Big Easy, it’s hard not to imagine the decadent lifestyle of the notorious district formerly known as “Storyville”.  One of the first things that struck me upon visiting New Orleans for the first time was the beautiful architecture and history that seemed to live inside of every structure, lamp post, and weeping willow.  My first New Orleans apartment was located at the far end of the French Quarter and I used to spend hours on my balcony watching the people milling about below.  I would often imagine that I was somehow transported back in time, existing among the jazz enthusiasts, rowdy bar hoppers, and all others who were up to no good in the French Quarter.

I was somewhat obsessed with Victorian clothing while I was growing up and had this idea that everyone from that era was stuffy, refined, and unnaturally elegant.  It has become delightfully apparent to me that this was not always the case and Storyville successfully shatters the pervasive myth.  An area designed to contain illegal and debaucherous activity, this hot bed of bump and grind thrived for almost half a century before finally being shut down in 1917.

I believe that although the times may change, people really don’t.  Regardless of the rules, there are always those who live to break them.  We are the misfits, the instigators, the tricksters with contagious laughter who dance in the rain and have bourbon for breakfast.  A non-conformist by nature, I can’t imagine what else to do with my time except design sinister and seductive dresses for ridiculously beautiful women.  So let’s turn off the television, slip into something devious, and have a cocktail or two in the city that care forgot.